Your Ex's Wedding

On Tuesday's Heart Breakfast Martin and Su wanted to know if you would go to your ex's wedding?

They heard that Jesse James had invited his ex-wife, actress Sandra Bullock, to his wedding to his wedding in Malibu later this month. It's said that she isn't going to go but it raises an interesting question... would you go to an ex partner's wedding? Here is what you've been saying on our Heart Essex Facebook Page:

Terrie - If you stay friends then I cant see it being a problem.

Quistie Leah - NO! But I would go to his funeral :)

Mel - It depends how we parted... so it's a maybe.

Angela - No, and I wouldn't want to have him at mine either.

Stephen - Depends on if it's a free bar or not lol.

Joanna - You've got to be kidding me! Never!

Anna - I went to my ex's. I was invited by both and it was a lovely day but I think some of the other guests weren't so keen.

Julie - No, why would you? It's the past. Don't look back, look forward.

JonSome people part as great friends, so why not?

Rainbow - I would attend with my new gorgeous boyfriend.

Let us know what you would do below.

Martin and Su will be back on Wednesday when they'll be talking to Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones and finding out how her character 'Nessa' would spend £125,000 if she was to win the Who's On Heart Jackpot.