Inspiration Award

Congratulations to Elizabth Baines winner of our Inspiration Award.

This is what we were told about her:

"Elizabeth came to us 18 months ago having achieved the status of 'Centre of Excellence' at her last place of work. Elizabeth came to what was a failing school with only 26 students on role due to the behaviour of our students and the lack of control of the staff body due to lack of leadership. 

What a difference a year - and one person - can make. We have now got nearly 60 students who fall under our remit, both within the school and the local community, with others lined up to receive our educational services. 

Our school ethos is 'Making a Difference Together' but it is one that we could not have achieved and would not have dreamed of without the leadership, guidance, care and support for every single student and member of staff that comes from Elizabeth."

Elizabeth received her award at our prestigious award ceremony on Tuesday 12th July 2011.

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