60% Rise In Cruelty To Animals

There's been a 60% rise in the number of people convicted of cruelty and neglect to animals in Devon and Cornwall.

Inspectors have noticed a big rise in the type of cruelty animals are suffering; nationally this includes a dog repeatedly stabbed with a potato peeler, a collapsed and emaciated dog dumped on Christmas Day and a dog which ate her dead mate to survive after being abandoned in a flat.

The RSPCA also want the courts and councils in standing up and getting justice for Britain's abused animals.

They hope this can be achieved with their zero policy approach to animal abusers and that any one causing pain or suffering for profit or pleasure will be tracked down and prosecuted.

The RSPCA also stated that they are facing a financial crisis that is stretching them to breaking point 

The headline figures for the South west:

  • 204 people were convicted in 2010 - increase 
  • 60%413 convictions secured - increase 63%
  • 259 convictions to cruelty to dogs - increase 51%41 convictions relating to cruelty to horses - increase 57%
  • 545 people reported to the RSPCA prosecutions department - an increase of 54%

Below is a video of Scruffy found he was found abandoned by a member of the public at Ascombe near Dawlish - Inspectors are hoping to trace the owner and are appealing for information.


Other figures:

Devon defendants reported 72 defendants convicted 31
Cornwall defendants reported 22 defendants convicted 2

To raise money RSPCA is running an awareness week from 30th April to 6th May. 

Find out more HERE

To help them continue their work by making a donation ring 0300 123 8000 (24 hours) or visit www.rspca.org.uk/donate