Attacks on Guide Dogs Condemned

A dramatic rise in attacks on guide dogs by strays has left owners in Devon and Cornwall feeling vulnerable

The charity Guide Dogs  say  it's  increasingly worried by the rising number of guide dog owners who are reporting  attacks  by strays  in the street.

Latest research shows the number of reported attacks on guide dogs has risen from three a month to over eight dog attacks a month within a 24 month period from June 2010 to May 2012.

In most cases the cause of the attack was unprovoked, and the aggressor dog was uncontrolled and off the lead.

Our reporter Wendy Buckingham has been talking to  safeguarding officer Barry Butt  from Exeter  who relies on his  golden labrador Nile  to help  him have the independent life he deserves. CLICK HERE

Guide Dogs backs compulsory microchipping, but wants proposals to go further.