Beware the Cyber-Stalkers

We're being warned to be more cautious about what we reveal on-line and in emails.

It's because there's been a rise in cyber-stalking.

19 per cent of women in Devon and 12 per cent of men say they've been victims of some sort of harassment from cyber-stalkers.

Half the cases involve an ex-partner. And, sadly, in extreme cases it's led to assaults and even rape and murder.

Now Devon and Cornwall police have launched a campaign  urging us to protect our identity online and report any incidents of cyberstalking.

They say its cyber-stalking if someone continually tries to make contact against the victim's wishes, scrutinises and manipulates their online and offline activity, damages their reputation, buys goods or services in their name or sabotage them online by spamming and sending viruses.

 Steve Slater, High Tech Crime Manager for Devon and Cornwall Police,  has been talking to our reporter Wendy Buckingham CLICK HERE

If you  are concerned about being stalked or harassed online you should keep anything which could be used as evidence such as emails and text messages, and report any incidents to the police.

Also you can support the campaign and join in the debate by liking the Is this love? Facebook page

 which will be populated with videos, blogs, information and help and support about cyberstalking during the campaign. 

 For help and support call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300 or visit Devon and Cornwall Police on