Bicton College Saved

Bicton College has secured extra money to guarantee it's future.

It had been struggling with £1.9 million debts and had hoped to create a new federation with Exeter College.

The plans hit problems when it looked as if Exeter College would have to take on the debts in order for the merger to take place.

New backing though means the agricultural college - based at Budleigh - can stay independent. Principal Dave Henley has been speaking to Heart: "we secured massive support from stakeholders right across Devon who said it would be unthinkable for the future of Bicton College to be threatened, for the support it provides to the rural economy." 

He says it's a weight off many minds: "staff and governors have been through quite a tough time in the past year, but all their commitment and professionalism is clearly being recognised."

More about Bicton College can be found here.