Cancer Sufferers Not Claiming Millions

More than £2.5 million in benefits are being left unclaimed by terminally ill cancer patients in Devon.

Macmillan Cancer Charity says almost half in the South West are dying without getting Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance - with £10.9 million going unclaimed in the region and £90.8 million nationally.

The charity has described the figure as 'staggering' and blames it on a combination of people not knowing they are eligible, the stigma attatched and a 'confusing' claiming process.

Chief Executive Ciarán Devane: ‘It’s tragic that cancer patients are struggling to make ends meet when there’s money available. Benefits can make a real difference to people who often have to deal with money worries on top of having cancer. Macmillan can help people find their way through the notoriously complicated benefits system so we urge people to go online or speak to a benefits adviser.’

The charity's guide to how to claim benefits can be found here.