Cheaper Energy Bills For People In Devon

Thousands of Devon families are waiting to see how much they can save on their annual energy bills. 

Loads could be missing out because they don't compare their gas and electricty bills enough or they don't realise by getting together and bulk buying they couldsave hundreds of pounds. 

But the clock is ticking at time is running out the savings will come into effect on 18 February when the big switch over takes place, and consumers have 4 weeks to join with the closing date on Sunday 17th March. 

It takes 5 minutes to check and join. 

it is important people understand that the more neighbours, friends family and work colleagues sign-up the greater the savings will be on their utility bill, whether they registered on the first day or last. 

The same scheme ran in Cornwall last year and had huge success with those choosing to switch enjoying annual savings of around £135 off their utlity bills. 

Exeter City Council hopes that more than 10,000 people may be able to reduce their energy bills by 26%. 

The unit price has been pre negotiated by Exeter Together switching partner, uSwitch, and will reduce as the number of people who switch grows. 

To get involved, people should visit the FREE Exeter Together website,, with a copy of their energy bill. 

People can register their details, with no obligation, and instantly receive a collectively purchased energy offer from Exeter Together. 

Then as more people sign up to the scheme they can watch their savings increase. Exeter Together hopes to encourage communities to go head-to-head for the chance to win a prize for their neighbours and friends.