Collection For Missing Fisherman

On Tuesday September 11th a fishing trawler called the Sarah Jayne capsized and sank off the South Devon coast. 

Half of the Brixham trawler fleet, 2 lifeboats from Exmouth and Torbay plus a helicopter helped in the search, but despite an extensive effort over two days nothing was found. 

Named locally as Geoff Ingram, the skipper of the Sarah Jayne, which had recently undergone a refit fellow fisherman believe the 51-year old put his crews' lives before his own. 

Married dad Geoff and his two-man crew, believed to be Matthew Bull and 'Spud' Chamberlain, all from Exmouth, had been fishing for sprats and were on their way back to shore when the boat capsized. 

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said another Brixham trawler, The Girl Rona, raised the alarm at 11.24am and rescued two crew from the water. 

The people of Exmouth and the fishing community have started a collection for Geoff's family, for the last 2 days volunteers have been outside the town's Tesco store on Salterton Road. 

They've had children putting their pocket money in the buckets and have been overwhelmed by the support they've received. 

More events are planned in the near future including a fun day in memeory of Geoff. 

It'll be held in the Manor Gardens in Exmouth on Saturday September 29th. 

Fisherman from Scotland & Ireland have pledged to attend the event. 

Speaking outside the Tesco store Pat Marish read a statement from the fisherman and friends of Geoff.