Concern Over " New Community" Plans

20 March 2014, 06:00 | Updated: 20 March 2014, 08:12

As part of Mid Devon District Council's local plan, there are proposals to build 3,000 homes to the East of Cullompton.

The homes would be built on Grade 1 agricultural land on the eastern side of the M5, as part of Mid Devon District Council's local plan- they'd be built by 2026.

Local businesses say that the plans would cause a flood risk and would damage the local economy.

Houses at the bottom end of Cullompton flooded severely in bad weather in 2012, and locals say that the addition of these 3,000 homes would make this even worse.

Richard Down and his wife Claire own Upton Lake holiday lodges, which border the land for the proposed development.

He says "One of my major worries about this development is that the huge amount of surface water that this will undoubtedly create.  It will back up and slow all the drainage systems and streams that take water away from the houses at the lower end of Cullompton".

It's not only the flood risk that concerns them, as their business brings around 2,000 visitors to Culompton every year. They then shop in the high street, boosting the local economy.

But with 3,000 houses being built on rural countryside next to their lodges, Richard and Claire worry that tourism would grind to a halt.

Claire says " the introduction of those visitors is helping the growth of the high street, and the introduction of those 3,000 houses would damage that".


They spoke to Heart's Carrian Jones about their concerns. 


Claire and Richard Down- Mid Devon local plan



The consultation on the plans ends on Monday the 24th of March. The plans will shape the future of mid Devon for the next 15 to 20 years, so now is the chance to have your say on the future of the community.


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