Dartmoor Pony Under Threat

dartmoor ponies

The iconic Dartmoor pony may become a thing of the past on the Devon moor

The hardy pure-bred pony has roamed Dartmoor for centuries and  has been shipped across the world because of its easy nature and suitability as a children's riding pony.

But the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust says only 300 now survive on the moor. 

Each year hundreds of foals have to be rounded up and taken off the moor.  But sadly, market forces mean they no longer make enough money to cover the costs of raising them.  Too often they  are only worth 'the price of a bullet.'  Some are sold as zoo meat.Haytor on Dartmoor scene of tragic deaths

The trust is trying to find new markets for the ponies. Ideally the trust wants grants to farmers to be 'ring-fenced' so the money can only be  used to support the Dartmoor pony market.

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