Devon Charity Shocked Over Donkey Abuse

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary says it is 'shocked and appalled' after a animal was attached to a parachute and catapulted into the air in Russia.

The donkey reportedly brayed in fear as it was dragged along the beach by a boat during the publicity stunt for a private beach on the Sea of Azov in the south of the country.

Holiday makers who saw it say children were left weeping by the incident.

Having watched footage of it that has just come to light, Dawn Vincent from Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary told Heart they are trying to track down the animal to check on its welfare: "the distress, the fear and the trauma that it would have experienced beggars belief. Donkeys are very sensitive creatures and I'm sure that after the event there would have been some kind of stress related illness that it may still be suffering."

She says that even if something like this happens abroad it does not mean nothing can be done: "if we've got evidence then we can take things to court if we need to. We've been able to stop a notorious festival in Spain by combining our evidence and taking it and using local laws to get it stopped. If anyone is on holiday and sees something they are unconfortable with they should make a note of the date and the time, take a picture if they can and get in touch with us as soon as possible."

To listen to the full interview with Dawn CLICK HERE

You can contact Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary on 01395 578 222 or here