Devon Family in Green Driving Experiment

A family from Devon is being used to prove how normal people can be more fuel efficient.

The Boult's are one of 11 families across the country to be shown loads of green driving tips.

Their driving habits and fuel usage was tracked for a week beforehand and will now be watched for the next 6 weeks to see which of the new measures work best for a normal family.

Dad Martin says it isn't about a complete lifestyle overhaul: "checking the tire pressures avoid driving at high speeds avoiding rush hours when you can, over revving turning the engine off if you are stuck in a traffic jam, those kind of things aren't really telling you you must change massively"

Mum Heather has told Heart some of the tips are quite simple: "if you keep your car half full of petrol, it is nice and light in your car and you won't use as much. Just taking that extra weight out of the car - the shopping bags and the things you leave in there all the time"

The 'Smarter Drivers' study will also work with Local Authorites like Devon County Council to show how they can help get more of us using less fuel through things such as improvements to public transport and cycling schemes.

Shell UK is behind the study and is working alongside not for profit organisation Forum For the Future.

To listen to the full interview and find out more tips CLICK HERE