Devon Farmers Welfare Warning

Many consumers trying to save money in the current economic climate might look for cheaper meat to reduce the cost of their weekly food bill, but Devon pig farmers are asking shoppers to 'Grill it before you buy it' and think about higher welfare when buying pork, bacon, sausages and ham.

Devon's farmers have to follow strict guidelines in the pork they produce and high feed costs and cheaper imports from Europe have meant losses of more than £100 million in the last year resulting in the UK pig herd falling by almost half in the last ten years.

Imported meat may be cheaper to buy but animal welfare standards in Europe are not as high as the standards farmers in the UK have to follow and more than 66 per cent of the meat imported into the UK would be illegal if it was produced here.

Farmer Lester Bowker

As part of a national campaign Devon's farmers are asking shoppers to look for The Red Tractor pork logo on any pork product they buy. The logo is a symbol of the quality of the meat and where it has come from.

Pork lovers are being encouraged to sign up to the 'Pork Promise' online and those taking the oath will be asked to 'give more thought to the pork on their fork' and promise to think about whether the pork they are buying is good quality and produced by farmers who look after their pigs.