Devon Homes For Devon People

Heart's been told rumours that the new town of Cranbrook will be swamped by housing-queue jumpers from outside Devon are untrue.

The deputy leader of East Devon District Council Andrew Moulding  has hotly denied rumours circulating around Devon that  people from Nottingham, Bradford and Birmingham have first pick  of some of the affordable homes.

In the first phase of the development in East Devon eleven hundred homes are being built.

Four hundred and ten will be affordable.

Sovereign Housing Association  will take possession of the first affordable homes in the next couple of weeks and the Devon and Cornwall Housing Group will be delivered their allocation in early 2013.

All of these homes will be allocated to local people.  The agreement is that 35 per cent of the homes go to  Exeter City Council applicants and  65 per cent to  East Devon District Council applicants.

Of the affordable homes, 199 will go to social rented tenants, 101 on a part buy/ part rent basis and around 110 made smaller so they're cheaper.

Mr Moulding talked to our reporter Wendy Buckingham about the allegations and allocations  CLICK HERE

Anyone who needs an affordable home must register  with Devon Choice  

For an interest in  affordable by design homes contact East Devon Housing Needs Team on 01395 517469