Devon Police Say Hand-In Mephedrone

Anyone in Devon who has the party drug Mephedrone's being urged to hand it in before it becomes illegal or they could face a 5 year jail term.

The so called ‘legal high’ has recently been linked to a number of teenage deaths in the UK.

From tomorrow (Friday) it will be classified as a Class B drug with a maximum sentence of 14 years for dealing it.

Chief Inspector Keith Perkin hopes people will hand it in before then: "up until Friday they've got the opportunity of taking it to the police station and we won't ask any questions as it is a legal drug but they've just got to be aware from Friday it will be illegal and they could be arrested for it."

He continued: "we're not doing this because we've got a problem in Devon and Cornwall however Devon and Cornwall is not clean of Mephedrone. Knowing what is coming on the horizon we will take it from you and I like to think that people will have confidence in us that we are dealing with them fairly."