Devon Soldier's Afghanistan Story

A Devon soldier who displayed "fearless leadership and bravery", risking his life to fight the Taliban, has been awarded the Military Cross.

In an incident late October last year his patrol was pinned down in a fierce ambush.

Sgt Swift remained undetected by the insurgents and was able to outflank them, only breaking cover to charge their position in a heroic display, indifferent to the threat of IEDs.

The enemy was forced to flee as Sgt Swift gave them no choice but “to disengage or be killed” his citation noted.

Sgt Swift crawled into a position where he could observe the Taliban.

He lay just 20m from the insurgents for ten hours relaying details of their movements and dispositions, allowing his comrades to select a safe route home.

He displayed further heroism in March when his patrol was again ambushed in a previously unpatrolled area.

Despite rounds coming in and the enemy just 100m away, Sgt Swift charged, ordering half his patrol to give covering fire.

Adam - who's from Dawlish - was awarded the Military Cross for one of the most outstanding acts of valour during armed conflict in recent years. 

Adam is also one of the soldiers whose head camera footage has been featured in the ground-breaking Documentary, 'Our War', It charts the recent history of our ten year conflict in Afghanistan through the head camera footage of soldiers who have fought there.

Adam Swift




Some of his footage is on Tuesday 21st programme (on at 9pm).

Cl Sgt Swift will be also taking part in the once- in-a-lifetime parade of the Coldstream Guards through Exeter City Centre, which is happening on Wednesday 6th July.

It's because they've been given the freedom of the city. 

The night before, (Tuesday 5th July 7:30pm) Adam will join hundreds of people at a concert by the Band of the Coldstream Guards.

This is the biggest event that the unit are involved in since the Royal Wedding.

The Ticket Desk number is: 01392 665 885.

Tickets can be collected from the Information Centre by 12 o'clock on the day of the concert or from The Cathedral on the night.

Proceeds from the concert will be going to the Coldstream Guards Regimental Charity. 

For more information on the concert:  GO HERE   OR HERE

For more information on the programme:  GO HERE