Exciting Times Ahead for Exeter

Looks like there will be more jobs in Exeter during 2011.

The latest Exeter Business Survey from Exeter Chamber of Commerce and Industry records the most positive business confidence for over two years.

Exeter currently is operating at 6.9% vacant shops, National average is 13 to 14% and 2 more shops are opening this week.

21% of those surveyed reporting high business confidence. 

28% of respondents employing more staff. 

52% intending to recruit additional personnel. 

11% of the Exeter Businesses which took part estimate that they will be employing 5 or more extra staff before June 2012.

Derek Phillips, Vice President of Exeter Chamber said: "This survey shows the highest figure in business confidence that we have seen for over two years. 

"This is immensely positive in these tough economic times and confirms that Exeter appears to be surviving the economic downturn better than many other cities."

For more information visit  www.exeterchamber.co.uk