Exeter Airport Gets Back Up and Running

After 6 days of cancellations Exeter Airport says its schedule is back to normal

Matt Roach, Exeter Airport’s Finance Director said: “This was an unprecedented situation in which the management team needed to make quick decisions and react to a dynamic situation. Whilst the financial impact on our business has been significant, this would have been even greater without the support and flexibility shown by all employees. Our members of staff have been magnificent and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication. We are extremely proud of everyone.”

Exeter International Airport together with its car park, catering and shopping concessionaires employ over 300 people. During the passenger-free period many members of staff opted to take annual leave, some undertook training and others volunteered for jobs like painting and decorating.

Mr Roach continued: “There is never a good time for a close-down of services on this scale but the one small consolation is that the cancellations did not come in the peak summer season when we have flights to 46 destinations; twice as many as during the current season."

You can find updates on what is happening at the city's airport here.