Exeter's Homeless Get Temporary Haven

Ten more rough-sleepers are being saved from the over-night freezing temperatures in Exeter.

For the first time this winter the homeless charity St Petrock's is opening up it's city centre premises for ten  of the most vulnerable homeless people.

The cost is being picked up by the city council.

Other centres will be offering extra beds, too, during this bitterly cold spell.

But St Petrock's staff fear  not all the  city's rough-sleeper will find shelter. They have done a spot check recently and found 31 people are living rough in Exeter.

They have seen the number of people desperately needing help with food and accommodation steadily rising  over recent years...from about 40 a day to a regular 50 or even 60 a day.

And they predict that more homeless people are bound to die on our streets in the coming months.

The charity's Gill Luckings  has been talking to our reporter Wendy Buckingham.  Hear what she says  CLICK HERE

Can you donate a sleeping bag to St Petrock's?