Families Struggling To Afford Essentials

Almost 1 in 5 Devon families are struggling to afford 3 meals a day, and can't always afford essentials like bread and milk, according to a new charity report.

Poverty campaigners Elizabeth Finn Care, says around fifty thousand people across the South West are also so strapped for cash at the moment, they've pulled sickies from work because they can't afford the petrol to get into the office.

Bryan Clover, Director of Case-work at Elizabeth Finn Care, said: “It is worrying that only 28 per cent of people in the South West believe poverty is the main social issue in the UK when there are people who cannot even afford to buy basic food items.

 “We have discovered that a lack of money could have an impact on people’s health with four per cent of people in the South West saying they have not been able to pay for prescription medicine in the past year. Some 14 per cent say they have not been able to pay to have their eyes tested or buy new glasses or contact lenses and eight per cent have had to forgo having dental work or check-ups because of lack of finances.”