Government Could Pay Out for Ash Crisis

Exeter-based Flybe is welcoming news that the Government could help cover the cost of the volcanic ash crisis.

EU rules mean that airlines have had to pay out compensation for food and accommodation for those left stranded as well as ticket fares.

But it has now announced that individual governments can use public money to compensate airlines in turn.

Flybe's Marketing Director Simon Lilley has told Heart he thinks the EU needs to do more: "they're allowing member states now to talk to airlines to compensate so we are pleased about that. What we are very frustrated about is that the EU 261 rule remains in place. We are the only travel industry that is discriminted against in this way."

It is not yet known if the Government plans to take up the EU offer but Simon thinks it is only right that it does: "we were completely blameless in this. Bankers were supported during their self made melt-down and yet the travel industry is expected to cough-up. We feel that is unfair."

To listen to the interview with Simon Lilley CLICK HERE.

You can find out more about the EU's move here