Harry Watch Out!!

Becoming invisible with a swish of a cloak could soon become a reality with a £4.5 million research project at the University of Exeter.

There looking at how they can bend light round objects and almost like magic make the object disappear.

While making something invisible is likely to be at east 15-25 years away the research could have practical examples.

It can make objects on radar disappear or make them look bigger than they really are.

Dr Alastair Hibbins


And in 5 years time it could be possible to walk into a specially prepared room and for your mobile phone to start recharging without being plugged into a charger.

Making invisibility a reality. 

A simple experiment with water and a jelly-like marble demonstrates one of the simplest concepts involved in their ground-breaking research.

BEFORE:                                       AFTER:

Exeter scientists make objects disappear                     Simple invisibility test





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