Hundreds of New Shoplifters Caught

More than one new shoplifter a day is being caught in Exeter city centre.

336 were caught in the last eight months - which works out as 42 a month.

Better security and the use of a shared radio network used by most stores to track thieves is being blamed for a rise in the number caught.

Exeter City Centre Manager John Harvey told Heart, "Being caught once is a lesson, and I hope many of these people then don't reoffend but those that do are doing so in the knowledgeg that we WILL catch you if you come into Exeter with the though of committing crime."

He continued, "We have very much a zero tolerence approach, it's unacceptable and you and I pay the price for it because if people get away with this sort of crime it has to be paid for somewhere and it's paid for in terms of all of us paying more for the goods we buy. It's in all of our interests that we work together to tackle this problem and tackle it hard."

To listen to our full interview with John Harvey CLICK HERE.