Hundreds Saving On Fuel Costs In Devon

More than three hundred businesses, community groups and families have joined a collective to bulk buy fuel

They're now  saving  on average  a hundred pounds a  year  on oil.

The Devon Oil Collective has been running for a year.

It uses the power of collective buying to negotiate with suppliers and place orders on behalf of  members by acting as a broker. 

It means  that  no matter   how much  oil  you need  you  get  the lower, bulk price.  In the last twelve months 315,450 litres of oil has been ordered with savings of between 3 and 6 pence per litre.  Typically this means a saving of around £45 per 1000 litres orders and a collective saving of £13,500 in twelve months. 

And as more people join the greater the negoitiating power the collective will have and  the bigger the  savings  to be made. 

The Devon Oil Collective is a scheme run by the Community Council of Devon and backed by Devon County Council.  As a social enterprise the Collective seeks only to cover its running costs, but any surplus that is made will go directly towards supporting the charitable work of the Community Council of Devon.

 Our reporter Wendy Buckingham has been talking to  Michelle Gardner  about the  scheme.  CLICK HERE

Membership is open to businesses, community organisations and domestic properties and costs from just £24 per year. 

For more information about the Devon Oil Collective call 01392 248919, email or visit our website