Millions in Fines for Speeding Drivers

More than 49,000 fixed penalty notices were issued for speeding in Devon and Cornwall in 2008 according to the latest figures.

The usual punishment is a 60 pound fine and 3 points - which means around £2.9 million has been paid in fines to the Government and over 147,000 points added to people's driving licences.

Inspector Richard Pryce from Devon and Cornwall Police says it is an important issue: "speeding is one of the primary causations for injuries and fatalities on our roads. In 2007 we had 90 fatalities on our roads, in 2008 we had 78 and in 2009 we had 67. We are trying to bring down those figures."

He's been telling Heart that people shouldn't think they can get away with it: "the 30 limits do see obviously a lot more pedestrian activity and therefore there are some focuses on that. There are officers out patrolling the main roads and taking enforcement on those roads."