New Dump for Exeter's Waste

£14,000 pounds a week will be saved by no longer having to take Exeter's rubbish to a dump in Newton Abbot.

A new site opens today (Monday) in Woodbury - which'll be used while the city waits for a new energy-from-waste plant to be built in Marsh Barton.

Waste has been driven to Heathfield since the Exeter incinerator shut for construction earlier this year.

Cleansing services's Mike Trimm says officers have worked hard to get the closer site ready as soon as possible: "they obtained planning permission very quickly under delegated power from East Devon so actually they've done very well because they actually got planning permission within 6 weeks."

As well as saving time the reduced trip will save taxpayers money and as the lorries do 5 miles to the gallon Mike Trimm says it is also better for the environment: "the trip to Heathfield was taking us an hour and a half return and obviously when the traffic is very busy it was taking even longer than that whereas the trip to Greendale will only be thirty minutes."