New Test to Tackle Underage Drinking

An old trick for kids trying to get away with underage drinking could be eliminated in Devon.

Our police have a new piece of kit that instantly tests breath and liquids for alcohol, meaning it can't be disguised in soft drinks bottles.

It's hoped tackling the problem will reduce anti-social behaviour.

Sergeant Richard Crosby says it also helps establish what is happened when someone is seriously injured: "if you had someone who was comatose you could sample them without touching them. The device actually draws in breath as they exhale and it will give you an indication of if there low, medium or high levels of alcohol"

He continued "if you have an unconscious person and you've done this test, when the paramedic turns up on the scene you can say there has been an indication or alcohol or there has not - it might help"

Officers have only got one so far, but Devon and Cornwall police want to invest in more of the "Alcoblows".