No Pardon for Polish Rapist

A Polish court has refused to support a pardon for Jakub Tomczak, who is serving a double-life sentence for an attack on an Exeter woman.

Tomczak was found guilty at Exeter Crown Court in January 2008 for the brutal assault and rape of the 48-year-old, which left her with life-changing injuries.

He didn't plead guilty but his DNA was used in the evidence against him. Jakub Tomczak's family claim circumstances including the fact the victim's husband was a policeman were not brought up and could have had an effect on the proceedings.
They are calling for his release.

Pozan District Court has decided it has no jurisdiction on the matter and has returned the request to the Poland's Prosecutor General.   

According to the verdict passed in the UK Tomczak can apply for parole after 9 years.