Non-Molestation Orders Go Up

More people in Devon are going to court for protection from domestic violence.

According to Freedom of Information figures obtained by Heart 518 non-molestation orders were made in Devon & Cornwall last year, up from 417 in 2008.

The court orders prevent a partner or ex-partner using or threatening violence, intimidating, harassing or pestering, in order to ensure the health, safety and well-being of a victim and their children.

Maureen McCallum from Devon based SEEDS - which includes former victims and acts as a pressure group for domestic abuse issues - met one woman recently who'd really been helped by them: "the fact that it had that legal weight behind it seemed to make adifference, she hasn't had any contact from the perpitrator for some time now."

She continued "it's given them a really strong sense of safety and community and the really good thing is it is extended to family members as well, not just the victim themselves."