Potential Future Fertility Crisis

One in every 14 15-24 year olds tested in Devon are positive for chlamydia.

Health officials here have raised concerns about the so-called "chlamydia-crisis". The sexually transmitted infection often has no symptoms but can cause infertility.

Devon based consultant Gurpreet Pandhur thinks it could be a fertility time-bomb, " a single episonde of chlamydia will give you a one in ten chance of tubal problems. Subsiquent infections will give you an even greater chance. Even if you treat chlamydia unfortunately you can still have tubal damage. The knock on effect is that we will get it in our fertility services in a few year's time. A decent proportion of our population have tubal damage and chlamydia is the number one cause for that."

You can find out more about the infection and how to get tested HERE.