Rise in Alcohol Abuse in Under 18s

More under-18s in the South West are being treated for alcohol and cannabis misuse according to the National Treatment Agency.

The figures also show a 15% drop in the number being treated for heroin and cocaine addiction - but the alcohol and cannabis problems are filling the gap. It is being claimed this shows young people in the South West are increasingly shunning the most problematic drugs.

Reported trends show that 1068 young people in the area are receiving help for cannabis use and 802 for alcohol. Added together the issues account for about 8 out of 10 of all young people getting support in the South West.

Regional Manager Clive Lewis has been speaking to Heart, 'This is really to do with the fact that it is easier to gain access to treatment, which I think is a great testimony to treatment services: keeping doors open and making sure those who need help can get help.' But, he added, 'drug use patterns do change - we need to be responsive to whatever needs arise.'

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