Saving Lives of Firefighters

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service (DSFRS) has recently launched its Training Academy providing first class international recognised training and professional instruction courses for the public and private sector.

The Fire Behaviour School

This is based at Exeter Airport where Breathing Apparatus and fire behaviour training is delivered to firefighters within Devon & Somerset; in the last two years over 2500 personnel have completed training.

The Fire Behaviour School has previously trained personnel from over 47 other fire and rescue services, both domestically and overseas, which includes working within power generating industries, aircraft manufacturing and airport fire services.

The instructors work closely with their clients to ensure training is closely matched to their normal working environments and reflects the unique needs of each industry.

The Fire Behaviour School pride themselves on keeping up to date with new technologies and advances in specialist knowledge and skills to give each client the best possible toolkit they need to work safely and effectively in hazardous conditions.

As well as offering Fire Behaviour courses the school offers breathing apparatus, positive pressure ventilation and tailored courses for the commercial sector as well as leading the way with the provision of BTEC accredited Compartment Fire Behaviour Training Instructor and Positive Pressure Ventilation Instructor courses.

DSFRS are building a new training facility adjacent to the existing site in partnership with Exeter Airport, due for completion in 2013.

These new facilities will include an aircraft simulator, a foam training facility and a new extended search and rescue villa and high rise facility.

DSFRS will be working in partnership with the airport fire fighting team to determine best practise for delivering training together in the future to services and airport fire teams.

The existing site will be fully functional right up to the change over to the new facility.

There are seven schools within the Training Academy:

  • Fire Behaviour School
    Access & Rescue School
    Fire fighting School
    Fire Safety School
    Maritime School
    Driving School
    Command School