Tackling Violence in Devon Teenagers

LINX is a targeted group work programme designed to work with young people that maybe finding it difficult to manage their behaviour or to engage in activities.

Some of these young people may have witnessed or experienced violence.

The theme underpinning the programme is the link between young people's experiences, how they feel as a result of this, and the Impact it has on their offending behaviour.

  • The programme is co-facilitated by two experienced professionals.
    Team Building
    Effect, impact and Communication
    Positive relationships and sexual respect
    Equality and diversity, peer pressure and victim empathy
    Risk management, rights
    Respect and empathy for others
    Self-esteem and goal setting
    Safety and support
    Taking responsibility for their own behaviour
    Learning different, non-violent ways of dealing with life's challenges

Coordinator of the programme in Devon Gary Skull

The young people will:

  • Gain a better understanding of themselves.
    Gain support and guidance through a challenging time in their life.
    Gain a belief in themselves, empathy for others as well as themselves.
    Be offered an opportunity to help other young people going through the programme once they have completed
    Gain a certificate of completion once they have finished the programme

For general background info about the LINX programme see below: