'Thanks for Saving My Life'

A kite surfer has returned to the scene at Exmouth beach to thank his rescuers after he got into trouble when his kite lines got caught around his arm.

It all happened on June 7th 56-year old Simon Perk was dragged 300 metres in the water and was dangerously close to rocks when lifeguards arrived on scene.

Lifeguards launched the rescue watercraft (RWC) and rushed to the scene, while other RNLI lifeguard's stayed ashore and maintained communication.

Mr Perk was released from hospital with an injured arm and is set to make a full recovery.

The British Kitesurfing Association, in conjunction with the RNLI, promotes the following safety advice for kitesurfers:


• Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back

• Check your equipment for damage before use

• Wear your kite leash

• Consider other water users – learn surf etiquette and rights of way

• Secure your kite firmly when on the beach and wind up lines if not in use

• Wear a suitably fitted approved buoyancy aid and helmet

• Launch and recover between the black and white flags


• Ride in conditions above your capability (no wind above 20 knots in your first year)

• Get someone on land and launch your kite who has not received training

• Ride or launch near other beach users, animals or objects on the land or in the water

• Ride in offshore winds without safety boat cover