Thousands Still Smoking While Pregnant

More than eight thousand women're still smoking during pregnancy in the South West each year.

Experts think a lot start with good intentions of quitting but will have been smoking since their teenage years making the addiction really strong.

Fiona Andrews from Smokefree South West has been speaking to Heart: "it remains quite shocking that there are 8 thousand woman who are still smoking during pregnancy. Although that number is going in the right direction - it is dropping slightly"

It's thought around 300 less mums-to-be were smoking while pregnant compared to last year.

Fiona says although they want that figure to fall faster, we do have to be understanding too: "there is so much going on in pregnancy i think for many women with a new baby coming through there's a lot of things they are adjusting to and grappling with"

You can find out more about Smokefree South West here