Time for a Nappy Change?

Devon's parents are being asked to ditch disposables and use cloth nappies instead.

It's Real Nappy Week.  And as an incentive to mums and dads free trials of various types and designs of cloth nappies are being offered.

Disposable nappies are a huge environmental problem in the county, with a staggering twenty-eight million dirty nappies  going into landfill each year.

Cloth nappy supporters reckon the days of old towelling squares, which turned  damp, baggy and leaky within minutes, safety pins and time-consuming boil-washes are a thing of the past.

The latest washable cloth nappies have different styles for a snug fit, no matter what size your baby, 'nappy nippers' instead of pins and are fast-drying after a 40 degree wash.  And they come in co-ordinating and fun designs.

The Devon Real Nappy Project's Nicky Bowman says real nappies also end up being cheaper than disposables.  Hear more of what she has to say: CLICK HERE

During Real Nappy Week   from 26th April to 2nd May there'll be a series of roadshows across Devon.  For more information and to  register for a free trial kit visit  www.recycledevon.org or contact the Devon Real Nappy Project on 0800 328 8175