Travel Info For City Cycling Race

Parts of Exeter'll be closed for most of the day on June 3rd, as a big cycling race arrives in the city.

The city's hosting the only south west stage of the Halford's Tour Series, with 10 professional teams racing on a circuit around the city centre.

There are events in the city starting at 10:30 before the big race, which thousands of us are expected to turn out and see. The event should also bring in something like half a million pounds in extra revenue to the city.

However, it also means issues for those of us trying to get in & out of the city - some roads'll be closed off, there's diversions coming in, along with changes to parking & public transport too.

Below's all the information from the county council about travel arrangements for the day:

All day
Pay and display/residents parking on the route will be suspended
- Queen Street (Pay and display)
- New North Road (Residents)
Pay and display will be suspended to keep the routes clear for the diverted buses
- Sidwell Street (between New North Road and Cheeke Street)
- Bampfylde Street (between Cheeke Street and Paris Street)
- Bude Street
Any cars left will be removed.
From 10am until midnight
Road closures on the route
- High Street and Queen Street (between Paul Street and High Street) will be closed from 10am. This will mean no access to Bedford Square or Catherine Street

From 1pm until midnight
Road closures on the route
- New North Road and Queen Street will be closed from 1pm. An alternative route will be signed via Western Way, Exe Bridges, Bonhay Road, Cowley Bridge Road and vice versa.

Road closures to assist buses on their diversion route
- Bampfylde Street closed to all traffic except buses. This will mean no access to Bude Street or Bude Street car park.
Local arrangements will be made for residents / businesses of...
- Longbrook Terrace. For the duration of the closure, access to Longbrook Terrace will be allowed via Howell Road as the one way system in Howell Road (between the car park and Longbrook Terrace) and Longbrook Terrace (between New North Road and Howell Road) will be temporarily lifted.

- Northernhay Street. For the duration of the closure access to Northernhay Street will be allowed via Exe Street; the bollard in Lower North Street (under the Iron Bridge) will be temporarily removed.

- Richmond Road. For the duration of the closure the one way system in Richmond Road (between Bystock Terrace and the Clocktower) will be temporarily lifted to allow vehicles to travel in this section and to exit the area via St. Davids Hill.

- Bailey Street area and Isca Place. Limited access may be available between races from Longbrook Street or Clock Tower respectively until 3pm.

And below's the information from Stagecoach about their local Bus services:

From 10.00am to midnight High Street, New North Road and Queen Street will be closed. Temporary stops will be set up in Bampfylde Street, opposite the Bus Station for services towards High St, in Sidwell Street, for services towards the Odeon, and in Market St for services towards Exe Bridges.