Vehicle Crime Rises In Exeter

More than 70 vehicles have been broken into over the last month in Exeter with a range of goods from sat navs; power tools, phones, handbags and shopping all being taken.

That's almost double the number compared to the same period last year.

It will take a thief less than 3 seconds - the time it takes to walk the length of your car - for a decision to be made as to whether the vehicle is worth breaking into.

Most of your stolen goods will be sold on the black market for what ever they can get mostly to fix their drug habits.

But despite the many warnings from police and PCSO's vehicle crime is rising mainly due to drivers attitudes and tempting theives to take stuff.

To prove a point PCSO Martin Pascoe walked round the streets of Southernhay with our reporter Andy Ballantyne, what they found in a few hundred yards will amaze some and disappoint others.

Gold Standard:

  • Leave glove box open
  • Wipe away any sat nav cradle window marks
  • Nothing on front or back seats.


That means that there's nothing of value and a thief will soon move on to another target.

LISTEN HERE: PCSO Martin Pascoe walking around the streets of Southernhay


Break-ins on the rise in Exeter          Vehicle crime on the rise in Exeter