Wall Collapses In Devon - 20 Evacuated

Around 20 residents are being helped after being evacuated as a precaution from their homes 

It follows a wall collapsing outside their homes.

It happened around 8pm on the corner of St David's Hill and Hele Road - the later is likely to remain closed for most of Friday 23rd November. 

As most of the occupants are elderly staff from Devon County Council, Exeter City Council and St Johns Ambulance were assessing their individual needs, so staff can make sure they are provided with safe accommodation. 

It's believed heavy rain has meant a build up of water behind the wall - a 30 metre section fell onto a footpath below. 

When firefighters arrived at the scene they were unsure if anyone was trapped under the 40 tonnes of rubble. 

Thermal Imaging equipment and dogs were used as crews tried to chip away at the debris. 

Engineers felt it was too dangerous to continue and more of the 20 foot tall wall could collapse - So firefighters withdrew but as Group Manager Mal Swallow explained he was happy nobody was under there: 


They left the scene around 22:30 and handed control over to police who will keep a vigil under mid-morning when engineers will decide if the nearby block of flats are at risk. 

Heavy rain behind wall collapse

Drivers and pedestrians are asked to use a different route if they are heading into the city centre for work or shopping.