Accident prone Gloucester

You might want to take care doing any DIY today.

A new study has named Gloucester as the second most accident prone area in the UK.

The figures come from Endsleigh, who have been looking at the number of claims made for accidents in the home.

The top three most accident prone areas in the UK are:

1. Doncaster
2. Gloucester
3. Burnley

Stuart Wartalski, Endsleigh Spokesperson says:

"Accidents at home are not uncommon, but householders are particularly vulnerable to mishaps during bank holidays when many of us consider using the extended weekend as an opportunity to make long-awaited changes including spring cleans and home improvements."

Top tips for reducing the risk of accidents in the home:

Plan enough time to do the job well – rushing things can not only mean that the job won’t be done properly, but it can also lead to accidents

Never make do with equipment – you need to use appropriate tools for the tasks and always read the instructions first

Before knocking into a wall, or even hammering a nail in, check that there are no water pipes or electrical wiring in the immediate area

If painting or decorating a room, make sure that you think about more than just the walls – paint can get split or splashed, so get dust sheets to cover your carpets or flooring

Know your limitations and plan well beforehand. If you are unsure whether you can do it or not, consult a professional