Boy Approached By Men In Van In Stroud

8 December 2014, 14:34 | Updated: 8 December 2014, 14:37

Police generic

Police are appealing for witnesses following a report of a young boy being approached by three men driving a van in Stroud.

The boy, aged 10, was walking from home from school along Westward Road at 3.20pm on 2nd December when a van approached slowly from behind at the Cashes Green Road junction.

As the van crawled past the man in the front passenger seat leaned out of the vehicle and said to the boy 'I want to speak with you on the way home and if you want you can catch a lift with me'.  The boy ignored the man and continued on his way home.  The van continued along the Westward Road,  passing the Fortune Takeaway before the boy lost sight of it.

The van was mid grey in colour with a front cab and long side windows which appeared to be foil lined to obscure the view inside. The van had 'Fulham Skippers' written on the back in black writing.  There was also a badge on the rear door below the window with a red circle, white background and black writing on it - similar in style to a Fulham Football Club motif.

The man who spoke to the boy was white, with ginger hair and a spotty skin.  He was wearing a grey T-shirt.  The boy believes there were two other men in the van.

Police would like to hear from anybody who saw or recognises this van.  Please call 101 quoting Incident Number 387 of 2nd December 2014