Breast cancer advice at work

A Gloucestershire charity is giving women the chance to find out more about breast cancer while they have a coffee break.

Cheltenham based Cobalt are running workshops during October at workplaces.

You will meet someone who has had breast cancer and see for yourself that women do survive, as well as being shown what's normal for you, what to check for and what reduces the risk of breast cancer.

If you would like the charity to visit your workplace or you require more information speak to Sue or Wendy on 01242 535905 or email

Breast changes to look and feel for:

- dimpling/puckering
- change in the size of the breast
- discharge from the nipple
- change in direction of either nipple
- enlarged glands in the armpit
- a lump/thickening in the breast or armpit

For more detailed information visit the charity'swebsite click on the cancer prevention pages.

If you do not have access to the internet contact us and the leaflets can be put in the post.