Casket of ashes found

The Emmaus Charity hope to find the owners.

A search has begun today - to find the Gloucestershire owners... of a mystery lady called "Imogen".

Emmaus Gloucestershire collect donation of furniture to sell on - and they use the case to help the area's homeless.

But whilst on a sort-through - they found a small wooden casket of ashes, with the words "In Loving Memory Imogen" on a brass plaque on the front.

Now the charity, wants to find the owner - in case it's someone's relative.

It's not the first time Emmaus have received strange donations - in previous years, they've already been given a coffin.

Neil Booker, the Business Development Manager at the charity - says they're particularly keen to hear from the owner as "they may have been enthusiastic about clearing out old furniture - but might not have realised Imogen went with the donation.. was she a pet.. or a human?"

Mr Booker told heart if the owner would like the remains to be returned, they would arrange that for them."

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