Cheese Roll bigger than ever

Annual Glos event cancelled this year - to make way for bigger one in future.

Gloucestershire's annual Cheese Rolling event - is to be turned into a county-wide Cheese Festival from 2011.

It's after Police and local authorities say last year's 15,000 visitors, were too much for tiny site at Coopers Hill.

A celebration of cheese will spread into Gloucester, with the Rolling, relayed on big screens.

From 2011, organisers say they want

* Limited numbers at the actual site, and it may be a ticketed event
* A park & ride bus service
* A large Cheese and Wine festival in Gloucester
* The Cheese Rolling to be screened at the bottom of the hill
* The event to also be relayed to the Cheese and Wine Festival at one site in Gloucester - but with lots of other stalls and market traders across the city

Heart spoke to Richard Jefferies - one of the organisers.

Click here to listen to the interview.