Cinderford: Priceless Lottery Call

2 September 2014, 13:53 | Updated: 2 September 2014, 14:37

She had mistakenly thought she had become a scratchcard winner before, so a Cinderford woman wanted some reassurance that she was not seeing things this time.

The National Lottery has released a priceless millionaire-making telephone conversation between one of their operators and Emma Wildin from the Forest of Dean town. 

Emma says: "It was such an emotional call. It's really weird to hear it again. 

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing and it was such a relief to be told it was real. 

"It has been amazing winning £1m - the best part is knowing we will be able to secure a good future for our two children."

Scientists who have surveyed lottery winners about their reactions to suddenly being rich say that most experienced shock and disbelief, but their most joyful memory was when they shared the news with family, loved ones and friends.

Professor Michael Trimble of the Institute of Neurology, University College, London says: 

"News of the win prompts shock and disbelief for the ticket-holder - which can be demonstrated through prolonged periods of silence, screams of happiness and mind-racing thoughts of their new life ahead. 

"From this point on, personal emotions and the joy of the win seems to increase, as the winner has received something they didn't think was ever going to happen to them, but it was something that they had always wished and hoped for, that had now come true". 

"Winners are most likely to cry when they share their amazing news with family and friends. 

"This sharing moment, which makes the life changing effect of the win a reality for the winner and their close others, triggers the largest emotional response as it allows others to empathise with their feelings and on a basic level, share what they feel. 

"The well renowned British stiff upper lip really doesn't come into play with a National Lottery win."