Crime down in Gloucestershire

22 April 2010, 15:04 | Updated: 22 April 2010, 15:21

Crime is falling in Gloucestershire.

That is according to the latest figures out from the British Crime Survey and the Home Office.

They show an 11 per cent fall in overall crime during 2009, which is the biggest fall in the South West.

The survey also reveals less people now feel that there is a high level of anti social behaviour in their area.

There has been falls in violence against the person, sexual offences, robbery, burglary, car thefts, theft, fraud and forgery and criminal damage.

Glos police chiefGloucestershire’s Chief Constable Tony Melville said:

“These figures are really great news for the county. Crime is down in almost every category, with significant reductions in crimes of particular concern such as violence against the person, burglary, robbery, vehicle crime and criminal damage.

“At the same time, confidence that we and our partners are tackling issues of concern is going up and we are determined to do everything we can to ensure that the increase in confidence continues.

“Statistics on crime are only part of the story as far as local policing is concerned. It doesn’t matter how much we reduce crime, if people don’t feel that the issues that matter to them are being dealt with then we are not doing our jobs properly.

“The latest British Crime Survey results, however, show people are feeling more confident in us and the local authorities and we are pleased to see it.”

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