Domestic abuse survivor speaks out

A domestic abuse survivor is telling women in Gloucestershire that there is an alternative to life with a violent partner.

Michelle moved to Gloucestershire last year to begin a new life after years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her husband, she has even had to cut contacts with her daughters to begin again.

As part of Domestic Abuse Awareness Week, Michelle told Heart how the move has changed her life:

Listen to Michelle

Heart has also been told that calls to Gloucestershire's Domestic Violence helpline have more than doubled since it opened two years ago.

The rise is being put down to more victims feeling confident to come forward and better co-ordination and team work between all of the organisations involved in supporting victims.

If you want help to end the cycle of abuse there are several organisations in Gloucestershire you can call:

CARP   0845 602 9035

GDVSAP   01452 500115

RAPE CRISIS   01452 526770