Expert to advise on rubbish plans

One of the world's top experts on air pollution has been brought in to help advise Gloucestershire County Council on their plans to get rid of more of our rubbish.

Professor Roy Harrison is Professor of Environmental Health at University of Birmingham.

His role will involve advising the council on health and environmental impacts of technologies being considered as part of their 'residual waste project'.

Professor Harrions's been brought in to reduce concerns from the public about the plans, which could see incineration used.

The Council say Gloucestershire buried about 170,000 tonnes of household waste in 2008/2009 and the council expects a landfill tax bill of £7.7 million this financial year alone.

Landfill tax is currently £48 for every tonne of waste and is set to increase by £8 per tonne per year next year because the government is imposing heavy penalties and taxes.

This means councils across the UK are looking to find more environmentally friendly and cost effective ways of dealing with rubbish.

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