Giant sign controversy

A bookmaker wants a giant billboard, put up on Cleeve Hill during race week, to stay there longer.

But their hopes could be dashed, as Tewkesbury Borough Council are reportedly telling them to remove it by Saturday or face action.

The sign is a recreation on the famous Hollywood sign in LA, but says Paddy Power instead.

Tewkesbury Borough Council's Development Control Manager Paul Skelton said:

"We understand that the sign is connected to the Gold Cup Festival, which is a great event for the area. However, the sign is located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where priority is given to the conservation of the landscape.

"We are actively pursuing the matter with the landowner, advertising company and Paddy Power to find out their intentions in respect of the sign.

"Planning legislation requires certain steps to be taken to secure the removal of unauthorised signs - it is therefore unlikely that Tewkesbury Borough Council can require the sign to be removed before the end of the current Festival.

"However, it is highly unlikely that Paddy Power would receive consent for the sign to be on Cleeve Hill permanently, especially as it is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"We will be assessing what safeguards can be put in place with a view to avoiding similar instances in future years."